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39% of women would give up intimacy to avoid shaving

Say goodbye to the hassle of shaving. At Hygiene Hero, we understand that shaving can be an unpleasant experience, causing bumps, razor burn, and ingrown hairs. That's why our system of products is designed to help reduce these common concerns, leaving you with smooth and comfortable skin.

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What Women Are Saying

  • I had anal cancer and my private areas have been through a lot. I thought I would give the soaps a try and I feel so good knowing they are healthy. I am loving each new product I have discovered. The "V oil" is so comforting I've wondered how I lived without it. Just tried the panty and they are very well made, great fabric, comfortable and breathable. They are so well made I know I'll have them for years. I just ordered 3 more. This time the modern high waist. This company is awesome and I love the education Michelle is providing. It is self-empowering and lovely to take as much care of my vulva as my face.

  • Thank you for these delightful, delicious bad ass products. I saw my gynecologist to deal with bumps in and around my private area. I mean my DOCTORS did nothing and had zero advice as to how to address them. By some miracle I came across your products and took a chance. Within one week all my bumps were gone! I am not kidding. I feel so happy and confident! I take care of my V soap like its gold, cuz it is! Great job!

    Christina R.
  • This is the first time that I have shaved and am not itching or my hoohah doesn't look dry and scaly. I will definitely be ordering again.

    Shannon D.
  • Love the 3 step kit. The V oil is great. I have not had any irritations sense I started using it. Thinks are much better.

    Ruby G.
  • I find your products to be a nice addition to my self care routine. Ph- balanced products are very important. They reduce irritation and the gentle and natural sent is nice.

    Jainaba W.
  • This is the first product that actually has prevented pimples after shaving! Thank you!

  • I am embarrassed to say that I never took care of this area for as long as I can remember. But recently I started dating again after a divorce many years ago. I realized that I got to take better care of myself down there. I hate shaving because I feel it makes my pubic hair thicker over time and I get ingrown hair from it too. This bar seems to help because after using the cranberry bar a few times, I feel my skin there is less rough and bumpy and the dark patches faded a little bit. And it doesn't feel dry like it used to when I use regular body wash. I am quite pleasantly surprised by the results.

  • The soaps smell AMAZING!!! The soaps leave your body feeling clean without the harsh irritation that you get from other brands. I have already placed another order for the soaps.

  • When I first saw this product, I thought, "What a great name!" The ingredients are clean and natural. I love the smell. Most importantly, it really softens my skin where it tends to get a bit dry and bumpy after using it just a few times! A great product all around!

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Real Results

★★★★★ Loved by thousands!

  • No harsh irritation
  • Gentle on sensitive skin
  • Hydrating and soothing
  • Reduces itchiness and dryness
  • Eco friendly packaging
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How It Works

  • Step 1: Use daily

    Daily Ritual Oatmeal Private Bar

    • In the shower, apply to your most delicate areas such as your underarms, vulva and inner thighs.
    • Rinse immediately with warm water.
  • Step 2: Use Every 2-3 Days

    Exfoliating Cranberry Private Bar

    • As a follow up to the gently cleansing properties of Daily Ritual Oatmeal Bar, apply this Bar on the same sensitive areas.
    • Use as pre-shave preparation on underarms, bikini area, and legs to help open up pores for a cleaner, smoother shave. It also works well as a shaving foam.
    • Rinse off with warm water.
  • Step 3: Use Daily

    V.V. Oil

    • Apply 3 drops onto clean palms, and press together. This warms the oil and helps activate the natural ingredients.
    • For maximum absorption, apply immediately after your bath or shower while your skin is still warm and slightly damp.
    • Gently massage into skin in delicate areas, like armpits, vulva, inner thighs, and breasts.
    • It is also effective in those dry, flaky areas.

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Taking Care of V 3-Step Private Kit


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