Multi-Purpose Soap Saver Bag (5 pieces)

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Multi-Purpose Soap Bag

  • This 100% natural cotton soap saver bag can be used as 1) an applicator to lather the soap and exfoliate the skin, 2) a soap storage bag to keep your soap dry between uses, and 3) and a soap saver to store smaller leftover soap pieces so you can continue to use them until the last drop!
  • Content: total 5 pack natural cotton soap bag
  • Material: Manufactured with 100% natural cotton
  • Size: the bag is designed with proper size in height and width to hold most soaps
  • Instruction: put a bar of soap inside the bag and pull tight the drawstring, which can be hung to air dry. 
  • The way to prolong soap-life: for drying the soap quickly to make it last longer, you could hang your soap with the bag after use