What We Do

Self-Love Starts Here.

We are a safe and effective natural hygiene wellness brand with a focus on women's intimate care.

We believe in the power of self-love and that intimate care is an expression of ultimate self-love. We believe there is a hero within each and every one of us. All we need is to embrace our inner superpower and see our self-worth to allow ourselves to love and be loved.

A Vulva is not just a part of a woman's reproductive system. Its health and aesthetics also impact a woman's quality of life and self-esteem.

By using safe, high-quality materials, clinically proven bio-active ingredients and powerful botanical extracts, we take an integrated & balanced approach to caring for a woman's most intimate needs.

When you choose us, you become a Hygiene Hero, a self-empowered consumer that chooses an eco-conscious lifestyle and protects Mother Earth in her daily life.

Our Mission

“In the past few decades, most feminine care products were made of harsh chemicals aiming at eliminating all bacteria including the beneficial ones. The vulva has been very much neglected even though it’s the most delicate area of a woman’s entire body.

In addition, many sexual wellness products were predominantly designed with men's pleasure in mind. Women’s desires have mostly been an after-thought.

This is why every product at Hygiene Hero is created with women’s health and intimate joy as the top priority,” says Michelle Yeh, Founder of Hygiene Hero. “It’s time to close these gaps.”