Our Journey


A sustainable solution

With the amount of chemicals such as bleach or other harsh chemical disinfectants being used to kill the viruses and bacteria, the damage we are doing to the planet is only going to come back to get us in another way.  

By using these chemicals, we are polluting the environment, damaging the eco-system, and also harming our health in another way.  If we are not mindful about how we fight this pandemic and create more environmental damage during this process, we will suffer even more as a species long term.  We need a sustainable solution to fight this pandemic!  

Not just another hand sanitizer

We know there are many hand sanitizers out there, but we offer a solution that will protect us both short-term and long-term. 


With 50 years of healthy & beauty industry in our careers combined and having devoted the last 12 years to promoting organic beauty globally, we searched around the globe looking for natural and safe ingredients that can kill bacteria effectively but without the harmful ingredients.

We go beyond being natural and botanical by using certified organic alcohol, certified organic essential oils, and 100% natural fragrance.

We worked with a GMP certified manufacturing facility in Italy, worked with an independent lab for testing, and a R&D lab with decades of experience to develop a formula.  Our package was designed by an award-winning European designer. 

Not just another face mask.

We have developed a face mask with a unique TEECA design (Triple Effective Eco Chic Adjustable).  Its fabric has a triple layer protection - a waterproof outer layer to prevent virus from penetrating through, a center layer for extra filtering, and an inner layer that is sweat-resistant, odor-resistant, and easy to breath.  Its 3-D design leaves plenty of room for easy breathing. It's washable, re-usable and eco-friendly, another sustainable solution that can help keep you safe and healthy. 

Our goal was to create a safe, healthy and delightful experience for a product that you (used to) wish you didn’t have to use. 

We are so excited to hear our customers say they love our products and what our company stands for. 

Why did we put in so much efforts to make these hygiene products?  Because we believe "hygiene wellness" is going to be a way of life in the foreseeable future, and our goal is to make the "New Normal" healthy and beautiful!


"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass.  It's about learning to dance in the rain". - anonymous