By using natural ingredients with no harsh chemicals, you can take care of yourself with a clean conscience–knowing the products you use are gentle (yet effective) on your body and the planet.

Our microbiome-balancing formulas promote the growth of good bacteria (while other harsh chemicals eliminate it), which enhances individual immunity.

We love the planet, so we make products that are gentle on it with eco-packaging that minimizes waste and contain no toxic ingredients.

Hygiene Hero products are a treat for the senses–from pleasing natural scents to the softest fabrics, elegant package design to noticeable results. Plus, we donate 5% of proceeds to animal welfare organizations.

If you’ve ever wandered down a beauty aisle and become overwhelmed by foreign ingredients, confusing claims, and contradictory messages, Michelle Yeh can relate.

A part of the health and beauty industry since 1993, Michelle Yeh was dismayed by the pollution and waste in the personal care industry. Like many consumers, she was frustrated by the abundance of products filled with toxic chemicals and felt helpless with limited eco-friendly and safe options to choose from. So she decided to start a brand that would revolutionize how we think about personal hygiene, how we create beauty products, and how the two come together to shape individual wellness.

In 2020, Michelle founded Hygiene Hero to deliver safe, effective, and earth-friendly personal care products for hygiene wellness from head to toe.

Our Promise

We are committed to developing Hygiene Hero products with our S.E.E.D. principle, so each one is safe, effective, eco, and delightful.

Are you ready to be a Hygiene Hero? Get to shopping!

Message From Michelle

We believe our customers deserve hygiene and beauty products that are safe to use, get the job done, and won’t destroy our planet. You no longer have to choose between efficacy and sustainability. Hygiene Hero is a chance to have it all: safe, effective, earth-friendly hygiene that you actually love to use. You’ll love how it looks. You’ll love how it smells. You’ll love the results from using it. Best of all, you’ll love how you feel as a Hygiene Hero. We are on a mission to elevate selfcare so you have the power to make great choices for yourself, for your loved ones and for the planet. Join me and activate your selfcare superpower today!

–Michelle Yeh, Founder & Owner, Hygiene Hero