Face Mask Lanyard
Face Mask Lanyard
Face Mask Lanyard
Face Mask Lanyard
Face Mask Lanyard
Face Mask Lanyard

Face Mask Lanyard

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Adjustable length. Suitable for Adults & Children.
  • We believe in practical and comfort design. These lanyards are light weight and will remain comfortable all day long after hours of use. Unlike metal clips that can have sharp edges and don't look very stylish, our buttons makes this lanyard a real accessory. 
  • Use the buttons to secure the ear straps of your face mask as a handy face mask holder, and let it hang when not in use to keep it off other surfaces and provides peace of mind knowing your mask won't drop or get lost.
  • The three buttons provide two lengths for adults and kids. 
  • Simple and stylish, yet suitable for a wide array of scenarios including school activities, running, biking, and other sports or daily wear.
  • The neck lanyard is 0.4 inches wide and 22” inches long. Our lanyards are made of durable polyester with 3 buttons on each side for closure. 
  • 5 styles:  The Patriot, Bumblebee, Coral Pink, White Navy, Dark Blue (Sold Out).

    Super Mask & Super Mom

    Respect our Heroes.

    Embrace the new normal.
    Be Responsible.
    Be a Hygiene Hero.

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