Matte-Cha Bar + Private Bar Duo + 3 Soap Saver Bags

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Matte-Cha Bar:

The Matte-Cha Bar detoxifies and purifies the skin, reduces dullness, balances bacteria and gives your skin a new glow while mattifying oily-prone areas. With highly-concentrated anti-oxidants, Matcha green tea fights free radicals and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It can also calm redness around blemishes.

Take your self-care to the next level with our Private Bar Duo:

Daily Ritual Oatmeal Private Bar soaks up excess oil in skin and helps reduce breakout. Its anti-inflammatory properties treat dry skin and remove dead cells. Its amino acids can lighten marks, skin discoloration and dark spots. Oatmeal moisturizes and removes dead skin cells with mild pH that helps cool down irritation and redness. Its special blend of essential oils eliminates odor and leaves a clean scent.  It contains Vitamin B1 to boost blood circulation and brighten skin tone.

Exfoliating Cranberry Private Bar resurfaces your radiant skin with 100% natural cranberry seeds. It evens out the skin tone, leaves your skin brighter and feeling soft and smooth. Cranberry seeds is packed with Vitamins A, C, E and K. It provides excellent barrier protection against bacteria and limits the signs of aging.

Comes With:

3x Soap Saver Bags