Mask & Lanyard Double Set
Mask & Lanyard Double Set
Mask & Lanyard Double Set

Mask & Lanyard Double Set

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This set includes 2 Super Masks 3.0 and 2 Lanyards with many combinations of colors and sizes to choose from.  A perfect gift for couples, parent & child, or siblings.  

Super Mask 3.0 

  • Inner Layer: Independent lab tested antibacterial, odor-resistant and sweat resistant eyelet fabric infused with silver ions. Silver is a naturally occurring element that continues to kills germs once they are on the mask, providing extra protection from contamination.
  • Middle Layer: Non-woven cotton for extra filtration
  • Outer Layer: Waterproof nylon to prevent droplets penetration
    • 3-D Design with extra breathing room, Nose Guard to prevent fogging up glasses and Adjustable Ear Straps for comfort
    • Comes in a nice Re-sealable Bag for safe storage between wear to prevent cross-contamination
    • These lanyards are light weight with beautiful and comfortable designs and will remain comfortable all day long after hours of use.
    • Use the buttons or clips to secure the ear straps of your face mask as a handy face mask holder, and let it hang when not in use to keep it off other surfaces and provides peace of mind knowing your mask won't drop or be lost.
    • Perfect for travel when you are constantly in and out of crowds.

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