Exfoliating Cranberry + Berry Soap Case + Soap Saver Bag

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Take your private hygiene to the next level with this all natural facial-grade gentle soap, designed to clean, soothe and protect your most delicate areas.

Dry, bumpy skin, uneven skin tone, and in-grown hair? You are not alone. These are all common skin conditions for women's V-spot. However, they are often neglected, which lead to dark patches, chicken skin, dry and wrinkled skin. It's time to include your most delicate area into your beauty and self-care routine!

This bar gently exfoliates with cranberry seeds to resurface radiant skin, reduce bumps and ingrown hair. It enhances your natural pH to help reduce irritation and redness. Its special blend of essential oils eliminates odor and leaves a clean scent. Gentle enough for your face, arm pits and the pubic area even after hair removal. Strong enough to be used all over the body.

Comes With:

Berry Soap Case
Soap Saver Bag