Our Story

We are a group of health-conscious, eco-minded and animal-loving globe- trotters.

We love life and love to travel, but are not thrilled about breathing hours of recycled air on the plane.

Opening up the tray table on the plane takes quite a bit of courage, but we often just cross our fingers and hope for the best.

We take public transportation whenever we can, but sometimes we would rather take the risk of falling down than touching that straphanger above our head.

We like to enjoy life by staying socially active, but we also remember vividly how we got that really bad flu after shaking so many hands at that event.

The Problem

When you are sick, you are more likely to get other people around you sick. Keeping good hygiene wherever you go is being responsible. Time and time again, doctors say washing hands is one of the most important steps for infectious disease prevention. This is no longer just a problem for developing countries.

As a species, we are more mobile today than we have ever been. With billions of international travelers around the globe flying on the same planes, staying at the same hotels, taking the same buses and trains, sharing the same space, we know how increasingly important hygiene has become for everyone everywhere, but we want to make sure we are doing our share, in the right and healthy way.

Most hand sanitizers out there are full of harsh chemicals. According to the US Poison Control Center, 11.1% of poison exposure cases are caused by cleaning substances. While those chemical sprays kill bacteria, they penetrate your respiratory system or you skin with carcinogens. As recent as April 2019, FDA published a new regulation that manufacturers can no longer use 28 active ingredients including triclosan that have been in over-the-counter hand sanitizers sold in the US in past decades.

Our Journey

With 70 years of healthy & beauty industry experience in our careers combined, we searched around the globe for natural and safe ingredients that can kill bacteria effectively but without the harmful side-effects. And, we go beyond being natural. We used certified organic ingredients and 100% natural fragrance. We worked with a GMP certified manufacturing facility, a R&D lab with decades of experience in Europe, and we hired an award-winning European designer to create our brand look. All that, just to to create a safe, healthy and delightful experience for a product that wish you didn’t have to use.

The Solution

The entire product was developed under our SEED principle: Safe + Effective + Eco + Delightful. The end result is Hygiene HeroTM Super Mist, a multi-purpose hand sanitizer that is safe for skin, which also can be used on all kinds of surfaces as a disinfectant and an air sanitizer for the air around you as well.

Why Hygiene Hero

CDC (Center of Disease Control) advises that alcohol is still the most effective antibacterial ingredient. Natural alcohols kill bacteria by breaking down their membrane. Strong synthetic chemicals and fragrances can be highly irritable especially to people with asthma and allergies. Hygiene HeroTM Power Mist contains 80% alcohol, well above the minimum level required by FDA for hand sanitizers. Our alcohol is derived from organic wheat. Our essential oils were carefully selected for their delightful aroma and hydrating benefits, as well as for their antibacterial, antiviral, antimicrobial and antifungal functions.

Where to use: Just spray on the tray table on the plane, the toilet seat, the restaurant table, the meeting room, the public bathroom, your cell phone screen, the door handle, and your hands! Just this one bottle from Hygiene HeroTM can protect you wherever, whenever.