Hygiene Hero Super Mask 2.0 (SILVER-LINED) - CHILDREN
Hygiene Hero Super Mask 2.0 (SILVER-LINED) - CHILDREN
Hygiene Hero Super Mask 2.0 (SILVER-LINED) - CHILDREN
Hygiene Hero Super Mask 2.0 (SILVER-LINED) - CHILDREN
Hygiene Hero Super Mask 2.0 (SILVER-LINED) - CHILDREN
Hygiene Hero Super Mask 2.0 (SILVER-LINED) - CHILDREN

Hygiene Hero Super Mask 2.0 (SILVER-LINED) - CHILDREN

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Anti-bacterial. Anti-breakout. Anti-sweat. Anti-odor.
  • Triple-Layer Protection 
    • Fabric pre-treated with silver compounds proven to be antibacterial
    • Silver is a naturally occurring element. It releases silver ions and creates an environment that continues to kills germs once they are on the mask, providing extra protection from contamination.
    • 3-D Design with plenty of breathing room and forms to most face shapes 
    • Completely adjustable & flexible straps for ear comfort
    • Comes in a nice sealable semi-transparent bag for safe storage between wear to prevent cross-contamination


      • Why Silver?
        • Unlike antibiotics that kill specific micro-organisms, silver ion simultaneously attack up to 10 sites in the cell which stop reproduction and cause cell death.  Mutated pathogens do not survive.  As a result, there are no known silver resistant micro-organisms among medically relevant strains. This property has caused infection disease doctors and wound care specialists to select silver technology for medical devices and to prevent diseases.
        • Silver ions kill a broad spectrum of medically relevant micro-organisms that include bacteria, fungi (molds and yeasts) and deactivates viruses.
      • Our mask is made of three-layer fabrics
        • Inner Layer: Lab-tested antibacterial silver-infused eyelet fabric that is super breathable, airy, sweat-resistant & odor-resistant
        • Middle Layer: Non-woven cotton for extra filtration
        • Outer Layer: Waterproof Nylon to prevent droplet penetration
        • Washable, Reusable, Eco-friendly, Economical (Filtering ability unaffected by washing)
      • Ear Straps: Completely adjustable & flexible for ear comfort with absolutely no ear-pulling or leaving marks on face
      • Nose Guard: Metal underwire for a more secure fit around the nose bridge
      • Sealable bag: PE, semi-transparent with a white zipper handle for safe & convenient storage.
      • Dimension:  Adult size width on each side is 5", the length of the central front  from nose bridge to chin area is 6".
      • Made in Taiwan with love. 

      Care Instructions

      • Hand wash only in cold water with mild detergent.
      • Do not use bleach. Do not dry clean.
      • Hang dry only. Do not iron. Do not Microwave. 

      Super Mask & Super Mom

      Respect our Heroes.

      Embrace the new normal.
      Be Responsible.
      Be a Hygiene Hero.

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